Akron Power Squadron
Boating Courses

The following is a complete list of classes available through the Akron Power Squadron Educational Department. Note these classes are available to Members Only. Contact any Akron Power Squadron Bridge Officer or member for details concerning squadron membership.

Advanced Grades:

Seamanship (S)
Piloting (P)
Advanced Piloting (AP)
Junior Navigation (JN)
Navigation (N)


Marine Electronics (ME)
Marine Engine Maintenance (EM)
Weather (W)
Sail (Sa)
Cruise Planning (CP)

Instructor Qualification (IQ)

Operations Training (OT)

Supplemental Courses

These classes are self-paced and available to the public. Contact our Squadron Education Officer to obtain course materials.

Amateur Radio
Boat Design and Construction
Boat Insurance
Calculators for Navigation
Compass Adjusting
Hand Tools
Intro to Navigational Astronomy
Intro to Sailing
Loran C
Predicted Log Contest
Overview of Coast Guard License
        Rules of the Road
        Prep for CG License
Water Skiing Safety
Sight Reduction Methods
USPS Glossary

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