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Akron Power Squadron Boat Brokerage Listings

This page is provided for Akron Power Squadron members and friends to list their boats for sale. Please feel free to browse these listings. If any of the listed boats are of interest to you, please contact the individual listed directly. No comissions are charged on the sale of any listed boat. This service is free to our members as a benefit of Akron Power Squadron membership.

In addition, we have a Ship's Chandlery containing boating equipment for sale by our members.


Size Year Make Asking Broker Status
9' 9”   Quicksilver $500 owner  
23' 6”   Doral $20,999 owner  


Size Year Make Asking Broker Status
17' 1974 Siren $3,500 owner  

To list your (or a friend's) boat:

If you would like to list a boat for sale, open the listing form, print it out, fill in the details and then mail it to me at:

Doug Thomas
3444 Greenwich Rd.
Norton, OH 44203-5516

To include pictures, mail photos with the form or, better yet, email digital photos to me for better resolution pictures at:

Please include your USPS certificate number with the form.

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